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Movie Tours: tours on the set of your favorite movie shots in Italy now it is possible

Did you ever want to live in the movie of your dreams? Movie tours are what you were waiting for. Experience the most popular international movies sets, such as “The Great Beauty”, “La Dolce Vita” and many more.

To all movie lovers! Romeanditaly group offers you the chance to see Italian sets of the most popular international movies! Have you ever wanted to experience Rome as seen in the movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s masterpiece “Angels and Demons”?

You will be able to visit all the roman monuments that you saw during the movie, such as Popolo Square, the beautiful PantheonNavona SquareSt. Peter’s Square and the impressive Castel Sant’Angelo. 

Or maybe you would prefer to visit Rome from a different point of view, like the ones in the movies “To Rome with love”, “Dolce vita”, through which you will visit to the Giustiniani-Odescalchi castle of Bassano Romano, where a large sections of the film were shot and of course the Baroque Trevi’s Fountain in which the most famous, screenshot moment of the movie was shot, but we find Rome also in “The great beauty”, the very popular movie of Paolo Sorrentino, winner of the best foreign language Oscar in 2014.

Changing city we change movie and in Venice there are many movie tours. For example, you have the chance to see the Italian set of “Casino Royale”, the 21st episode of the James Bond’s official saga, with Daniel Craig and Eva Green, where you will visit step by step the locations where the movie was filmed, including Villa La Gaeta (where Bond shot Mr. White and pronounced his famous phrase: “My name is Bond, James Bond”) and “The tourist” the famous film with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

In the romantic Verona, retrace the story of “Letters to Juliet” with the amazing Amanda Seyfried where you will visit the museum of Juliet, that is one of the main attractions: the walls of the lodge are covered with phrases and love letters. You can even visit the balcony to re-create the famous romantic scene.

in Sicily, you will be able to join “Malèna”, passing through the narrow streets of Ortigia and arriving at Piazza Duomo or also visiting a Sicily like in “The Godfather”, the giant trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola, through which you will take a walk around the historic center and where you will also see the church where Apollonia and Michael Corleone got married.

Call me by your name”, “Eat, pray, love”, “Tea with Mussolini”, “The American”, “Inferno” and many others seats in Italy are waiting for you, choose your favorite and live this amazing experience!

We will provide you all the accommodations, transfers and services you need for a perfect movie tour all around Italy.

Are you ready for this new incredible adventure?

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