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Canals, gondolas, crowds, bridges and art will fascinate you...

Venice is one of the most romantic and elegant cities in the world, full of history and charm. Her canals, gondolas, vaporetti, crowds and bridges will fascinate you. You cannot miss the heart of the city: St Mark’s Basilica, St Mark’s Campanile and Doge’s Palace in St Mark’s Square. Sailing along the impressive Grand Canal, you will see the famous Bridge of Sighs and Rialto’s Bridge. Not to be missed the Guggenheim Museum, where you can find modern art and artists like Picasso, De Chirico, Pollock, Kandinsky, Duchamp, Boccioni, Balla, Modigliani and the Academy Gallery, where you can see Tintoretto, Bellini and the “Vitruvian man” by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Rome and Italy Group provides you many activities to do in this magical city. You will be able to take part in artistic workshops and masterclasses (sculpture, fresco, glass, painting and many other). Let yourself be conquered by the typical Venetian dishes: stockfish, “Risi and Bisi” (rice and peas) and Fritole pastries. Try cooking classes, wine tasting experiences or food tours to taste new venetian flavors.

Take a break from the cultural tours to enjoy some shopping! We can supply you a personal shopper to help you with your purchases. And why don’t you take a little break in a special wellness center? Another must-do activity when you are in Venice is the gondola ride! Let yourself be carried by the water and discover hidden sides of this city. In a quiet corner of Venice, there is the Jewish Ghetto and there, you have the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum and the Synagogues.

You can’t miss the opportunity to see the three most famous islands in Venice’s lagoon: Murano, Burano and Torcello. Murano is known as a place of rest because of just over 20 residents. It seems to live in another dimension. Burano is famous for its colorful houses. Residents say that they were painted of different colors to make them recognizable to the fishermen when they returned home during periods of fog. Murano is popular to produce artistic glass blowing. If you want to see what is around Venice, we suggest you some interesting tours in the beautiful Padua and Verona. In Padua you will be able to see Piazza dei Signori, Bo Palace, Duomo Square, Padua Cathedral, Basilica of St Anthony of Padua and Santa Sofia Church. In Verona you will be able to visit the Juliette’s balcony, the Arena and the Roman Amphitheater.

Our tours all have the defining quality of being alternative Venice tours, where you’ll be able to see and experience locations and spots that tourist normally don’t have the opportunity to visit.

Furthermore, we will provide special accommodations suited to you and all the transfers you need!

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