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The Eternal city: the homeland of carbonara and majestic monuments... ...

Rome and Italy Group offers you the opportunity to visit the Eternal city from different points of view. 

Rome is the capital of Italy, located in the centre of the Italian peninsula. In this city, you will be able to admire spectacular monuments: the majestic Colosseum, Navona Square, Castel Sant’Angelo, the massive Vatican Museum, the charming Sistine Chapel with her ceiling painted by Michelangelo and numerous other. You can’t miss the chance to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and to see the hole in the dome of Pantheon: a legend tells that when it rains, the raindrops don’t fall inside. Museums (as Capitoline Museum and Vatican Museum), art galleries, experiences and wellness centres are waiting for you! You will see artists like Borromini, Raffaello, Caravaggio and Bernini’s artworks.

You will taste the typical dishes of the most delicious local restaurants: Carbonara and Amatriciana. We can also plan with you some market visiting; cooking classes; grappa, wine or oil tasting and food tours. The most adventurous will be able to experience a helicopter tour, a Ferrari ride, a horse carriage tour in the city centre or a horse ride in ancient Ostia. Via Condotti, Via del Corso and our big outlets with their shops will be the main destinations to all shopping lovers.

We can organize for you shopping tours with a personal shopper. For those who love history, Rome has lots of treasures underground.

We will provide you exclusive access to some tombs as the Scipio’s Tomb, Mithraeum of Circus Maximus, Insula of Ara Coeli, and Columbarium Pomponius Hylas, currently closed to the public. Moreover, we will provide you the entry in crypts (as Balbi and Anagni) and catacombs (as San Callisto). We offer you also historical tours to retrace the World Wars. You will be able to explore Bunkers (in Villa Torlonia e Soratte), museums, meaningful and commemorative roman places.

For those who want to explore more about Rome, we suggest you tours through the Roman Castles, that are located a short distance south-east of the city. They were inhabited by the roman noblemen and one of them (Castel Gandolfo) was the Pope’s summer residence. There, an exquisite roman cuisine will delight you. Taste the delicious “Porchetta” in Ariccia (roast pork) and the local wines! Have a walk around the Lake of Nemi and of Albano, a breathtaking landscape will amaze you! Within walking distance from Rome, there is Tivoli! There you will be able to admire her sumptuous villas: D’Este’s and Hadrian’s. 

Our tours all have the defining quality of being alternative Rome tours, where you’ll be able to see and experience locations and spots that tourist normally don’t have the opportunity to visit.

We will provide you transfers and special accommodations. Rome has a lot to offer and for all tastes! That is our mission: to make your stay as beautiful and organized as possible!

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