Underground Tours

Discover secret treasures hidden underground of Rome and Naples...

Are you a history lover? Do you want to see Rome and Naples from another point of view? Rome and Italy Group gives you the chance to discover secret treasures hidden underground. In the beautiful Villa Torlonia in Rome (ancient private residence of the Mussolini’s family) and in Soratte (located only 35 km from Rome), you will be able to see real Bunkers: shelters, usually underground, that have strong walls to protect the people inside it from bullets or bombs. Crypts (as Balbi and Anagni, called the City of Popes” because several Popes were born there) and catacombs (as the most important: San Callisto). Only with us, you have the opportunity to get exclusive access to some tombs (as the Scipio’s), Mithraeum (as Circus Maximus), insula (as Ara Coeli), mausoleums (as Lucilius Peto’s), hypogea (as the one in Via Livenza), nymphaea (as Annibaldis’), auditoria (as Mecenate’s), stadia (as Domitian’s) and columbaria (as Pomponius Hylas’), currently closed to the public. And what about Naples? You will be able to experience incredible tours under this magical city through tunnels and  galleries. you will be enchanted by the beauty of the ancient Greek Roman theater and the Fontanelle Cemetery, located in the Sanità neighborhood, one of the oldest districts of the city. Moreover, if you have never been in Rome or Naples, you must absolutely stop by this incredible cities. We will provide you all the comfort to spend a perfect journey: transfers, accommodations, services and activities for all tastes.