Underground tours in Italy

Tour to discover the secret of Italian underground

Tours in Italy for history lovers: Rome and Naples from another point of view. romeanditaly Group gives you the chance to visit and discover many ancient underground sites in Italy with their hidden treasures.  In Rome exists an ancient city under the modern city: Catacombs, Crypts, Mithraeum, Tombs, Mausoleums and many others sites. Catacombs are the most known underground sites ( San Callisto, Santa Domitilla, San Sebastiano and many others …) as Crypta Balbi that these are very easy to visit also without reservation. There is another Crypt less known, but considered a jewel not far from Rome, in a small town called Anagni, better known as the city of Popes, because several Popes were born there. The Crypt is known as the Sistine of the XIIIth century, entire covered with frescoes in an excellent state of conservation. Only with us, you can have the opportunity to get exclusive access to some underground sites, tombs (as the Scipio’s), Mithraeum (as Circus Maximus), insula (as Ara Coeli), mausoleums (as Lucilius Peto’s), hypogea (as the one in Via Livenza), nymphaea (as Annibaldis’), auditoria (as Mecenate’s), stadia (as Domitian’s) and columbaria (as Pomponius Hylas’), just to mention some underground sites currently closed to the public but open only for our clients. For the history lovers of World War, in Rome and the surrounding area with romeanditaly group you will be able to see real Bunkers of World War II:  we have the tour of  beautiful underground bunker in Villa Torlonia (the residence of  Mussolini). The underground bunker inside the mountain of Soratte located only 35 km from Rome. Naples is another Italian city with a large number of ancient underground sites, with romeanditaly group you will be able to experience incredible tours under this magical city, through tunnels and  galleries. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the ancient Greek Roman theater and the Fontanelle Cemetery, located in the Sanità neighborhood, one of the oldest districts of the city. There are many other Italian cities where you can have tours of underground sites. If you don’t find here any tours near to you, please send us a mail to info@romeanditaly.it and we will help you to find the underground tour of the city you are. We will provide you all the comfort to spend a perfect holiday in Italy: transfers, accommodations, services and activities for all tastes.