The Passion of the Christ tour

Jesus Christ: Take this and drink. This is my blood, spilled for you and for many. Do this in memory of me.

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Jesus Christ: Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do.

The Passion of the Christ is a film that shows in all its splendor the unaltered beauty of one of the oldest cities in the world, a true example of places inhabited since prehistoric times, Matera. The Sassi and the ancient dwellings dug out in the tuff lent the face to the Jerusalem that welcomes Christ (Jim Caviezel) and then condemn him to the death on the cross.
We begin our tour in the center of Matera, in Via Muro, where the scene of the adult Christ who falls under the weight of the cross was shot. We will pass through Via Civita, the oldest area of the city, hosted the Via Crucis and the touching scenes of the Passion. The Last Supper and the Lavender of the Feet were filmed at the rock complex of Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci, very famous attractions of Matera. Then we will reach the Sasso Caveoso, along Vico Solitario, in front of the complex of Santa Lucia alle Malve that frames the scenes of the market of Jerusalem, whose door is that of Piazza Porta Pistoia. After a brief stop, we will continue our itinerary to The Masseria Radogna, typical rural construction, served as the setting for the flashbacks of Jesus’ childhood. Here the famous scene was shot, in which the Madonna, intent on cooking, helps the little Jesus who comes out of the house and stumbles. Later, we will move to Belvedere di Murgia Timone, the beautiful natural scenery that served as a backdrop to the Golgotha scene and the Monte speech. Finally, we will visit Craco, ghost town of the province of Matera, which has provided the perfect scenario for the suicide of Judas, repenting of betrayal.

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