Hidden treasure hunt – Rome


​How to make enjoyable for your children a tour of Ancient Rome and make them live a fun experience?

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Half Day
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  • Colosseum
  • Celio

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English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

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  • Fun 100% 100%
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“We are going to start a game” the guide will say

How to make enjoyable for you children a tour of Ancient Rome and let them live a fun experience? A fantastic treasure hunt between the amazing Colosseum of Rome and Celio area, will become a children learning adventure.

In fact, while the parents supported by a guide will do the tour, the children, thanks to photographic and written material that we will provide before starting the tour, can make a real treasure hunt through images, bas-reliefs and statues that allow them to trace an important part of ancient romans history, learning while having fun.

They will appreciate and rediscover the Colosseum and other well-known monuments in a completely new way, developing the careful and curious observation that the game requires.

If you want to spend a whole day with your children in a mix of fun and fantasy, you must see “Cinecittà World Tour” in our “Private Tours” section. You will visit the first theme park in Italy totally dedicated to cinema, a brilliant idea to live a fairytale with tour family!

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