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Cinecittà World: the cinema theme park

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It’s always a party in Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World is the first theme park in Italy totally dedicated to cinema.

During the visit of Cinecittà World you will have an enjoyable experience, in fact here you will become part of a real movie set.

You will have a lot of fun with many shows and attractions: Erawan, Altair, Ennio’s creek, Sognolabio, Piazza Cabiria, Ciack si gira, are just some of the names of the major attractions and shows in the park. At Cinecittà world there are also shops and restaurants located in the movie sets. You could have a nice day with your family or with your friends, enjoyable for adults and for children.

If you are a fan of movies and you want to explore the secrets of the cinema, “Cinecittà Studios Tour” allows you to discover the world of the so-called “dream factory”, the sets, costumes, actors, directors, producers, following the steps of the history of Cinecittà Studios. You can find our tour in the “Private Tours” section.

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