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Visit the most popular and picturesque district of Naples “Rione Sanità” with the underground Fontanelle cemetery tour.

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The underground Fontanelle Cemetery Naples tour is an half day guided tour designed for curious tourists willing to discover the real side of Naples, the tour will actually take you also discovering the amazing Rione sanità.

No place embodies the contradictions of Naples like the Rione Sanità. Located in a valley, it was born as a burial place in the Greek-Roman age. This area is very picturesque and unique with its typical narrow streets and the sheets spread over the windows overlooking the alleys from side to side – well know all around the world as image of the real essence of Naples. ...

The underground Fontanelle Cemetery (in Neapolitan ‘O campusanto d’ ‘e Funtanelle) is an ancient cemetery of Naples, located in Fontanelle Street, that give the name at the cemetery, in the famous Naples neighborhood Rione Sanità, one of the oldest districts of Naples. His name is due to the presence of natural water sources since the ancient times.

The underground Fontanelle Cemetery hosts the remains of 40,000 people, victims of two big pestilences in 1656 and 1836, is  3000 square meters big and is located underground. It’s definitely another city under the city!

It’s a really special graveyard that reveals the unique, unusual, very close relationship of the Neapolitan people with death, where sacred and profane, magic and religion are held together to create a popular cult: it consists in the adoption and the loving care of a skull (called “capuzzella”), which represents the abandoned soul “pezzentella” (poor unfortunate) in return for protection.

The underground Fontanelle Cemetery is a unique site in the world, every corner of the underground cemetery and every aisle are rich of history, curiosity and legends that are waiting for you to be discovered under the guidance of our expert guides.

Taking part to our guided tour of this ancient district of Naples Rione sanità will be a unique and interesting experience to learn more about Naples and its inhabitants, famous all over the world for many things: pizza, espresso, melodic music, Maradona, and chaotic life with traffic and noise.

This part of Naples Rione sanità can give you an idea of the contradictions of this city, richness against popular areas, but will definitely give you a very special overlooking on the real soul of Naples.

 Enjoy our underground Fontanelle cemetery tour, and discover with us the beautiful Rione sanità, in Naples!


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  • Duration: Half Day
  • Places of interest: NAPLES
    • The Fontanelle Cemetery
  • Exclusivity: All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests
  • Languages: All languages available on request

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