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Children tours: Child-friendly solutions to have beautiful holiday in Italy with your family...
Children tours: Romeanditaly group organizes holiday in Italy dedicated to family with children. If you want to have a beautiful holiday in Italy with your family, we have many incredible solutions.

A perfect mix between fun and culture. You will be able to visit beautiful Italian cities and at the same time restoring the curiosity of your children. We provide you a great number of activities for all the family.

You will have the opportunity to visit many different museums, as the Video Game museum where you and your children can learn the history, myths and legends of video games. This fantastic Video Game museum is divided into thematic unit, to retrace the history of the videogames with your children: you will experience first-hand the videogames that have made the history and the great modern series in more than 40 interactive stations.

Another great adventure that romeanditaly group provides about the Gladiator Class where you and your children can live as a real Gladiator. During this experience it is possible to learn how to train and fight with the weapons used by authentic gladiator, always under the supervision of a teacher of these techniques.

Moreover, you can have the highlights of the most beautiful Italian cities taking part to our walking tours, while you take part in a treasure hunt for the fun of you and your children. The treasure hunt experience is a way to make enjoyable and remarkable for your children the visit of Italy.

In fact, while the parents supported by a guide will do the tour, the children, thanks to photographic and written materials that we will provide before starting the tour, can make a real treasure hunt through images, bas-reliefs and statues.

Or also, why not to spend a whole day with your children in a mix of fun and fantasy? With romeanditaly group you can spend a beautiful day in a thematic and adventure park, such as Cinecittà world, Zoomarine and more.

Learn something new thanks to our amazing workshop activities where you and your children can discover the techniques of paintingacquerello, sculpture, mosaics and many, many more. These artistic experiences will transform you into an artist. You will challenge yourself and will learn new techniques from local master artists and acquire new skills.

If your children love animals, you will have the chance to do funny activities with them. Romeanditaly group provides a lot of great activities which involve animals.

One of them is the horse carriage tour, through which you will be driven to the most important monuments and the biggest beauties of the city.

Moreover, it is possible to visit a farm with animals, living a relaxing and very calming moment with your children, or to have a horse riding in the middle of ancient ruins.

Thanks to our child-friendly guided tours your children will understand easily and in a funny way monuments and museums.

We will provide you family friendly accommodations and all the transfers you need. A wonderful and funny holiday in Italy is waiting for you!

An emergency phone number is at disposal for you and is working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Romeanditaly group provides services in Italy dedicated to everyone, no matter which are your preferences.

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Let you suggest and guide by our Team of experts to choose the best Holiday in Italy!

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