Holiday in Italy for family with children

Child-friendly solutions to have beautiful holiday in Italy with your family ...

romeanditaly group organize holiday in Italy dedicated to family with children. If you want to have a beautiful holiday in Italy with your family, we have many incredible solutions. A perfect mix between fun and culture. You will be able to visit beautiful Italian cities and at the same time restoring the curiosity of your children. We provide you a large number of activities for all the family. You will have the opportunity to visit many different museums, as the Video game museum where you and your children can learn the history, myths and legends of video games, or Gladiator Class where you and your children can live as a real Gladiator, have the highlights of the most beautiful Italian cities while you take part in a treasure hunt for the fun of you and your children; spend a beautiful day in a theme and adventure park (as Cinecittà world, Zoo marine and more ). Learn something new thanks to workshops activities where you and your children can discover the techniques how made painting, acquerello, sculpture, mosaics and more. If your children love animals, you will have the chance to do funny activities with them: as a horse carriage tour, visit a farm with animals,  have a horse riding in the middle of ancient ruins. Thanks to our child-friendly guided tours your children will understand easily and in a funny way monuments and museums. We will provide you family friendly accommodations and all the transfers you need. What are you waiting for? A wonderful and funny holiday in Italy is waiting for you!