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This family activity will let you learn all about Florence with your kids!

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This fun and educational activity will make your kids have fun while learning.

The Treasure Hunt in Florence is a fun activity for the whole family, where your children will play a fun game that will teach them about the rich culture of the cradle of the renaissance: Florence. During this activity, your children will be asked to visit different places in the city of Florence and solve a puzzle to win a prize....

Visit the highlights in the main squares and streets in Florence, and let your children go on an adventure through Italian art and culture! During the treasure hunt children will be given a map of Florence where they will be able to see the itinerary and the steps of the game. They will be given a crossword puzzle that they will only be able to solve by exploring the secrets of the city! At each point of the treasure hunt the team will be asked a question regarding the history of Florence, and each answer will be part of the crossword puzzle. The guide will also tell you interesting facts about the different monuments you will visit and tell you legends of Florence to reveal the history of the city. The guide will also give the kids useful hints to solve the different riddles of the game. When the puzzle is complete, the final word of the crossword puzzle will be revealed, and the participants will be awarded with a prize for their effort. The Treasure Hunt in Florence is the perfect family activity to spend a day in one of the most beautiful Italian cities and give children an opportunity to learn while having fun.

There are many beautiful palaces, squares, fountains, and statues in Florence, and children as well as adults will definitely enjoy exploring this wonderful city during the Treasure Hunt in Florence.

In case you prefer to get away from the city, it is also possible to have the treasure hunt in theBoboli Garden”. Directly behind the “Pitti Palace”, the “Boboli Garden” is one of the first ever Italian-style gardens, created by the “Medici family”, which inspired many people both in Italy and abroad. The “Medici Family” was the most important aristocratic family in all of Tuscany during the renaissance, and you can find many palaces and statues built by them or in their honor in Florence. The Italian-style garden, also called “giardino formale”, is characterized by symmetry and precision. Italian-style gardens are full of beautiful marble statues and fountains, as they are inspired by classical ideals of beauty and the idea of bringing order where there is chaos. The “Boboli Garden” is a great place for a treasure hunt, and your children will certainly enjoy exploring the garden and its secrets. The many fountains, statues, and the labyrinth of hedges will certainly capture them! A guide will be present here as well to give hints, oversee the game, and tell you all the things you want to know about the Boboli Garden and the many beautiful art pieces you can find there.

What are you waiting for? Begin an adventure of fun and culture with the Treasure Hunt in Florence. Explore the city or the Boboli Garden, and offer your kids a wonderful fun and cultural experience they will treasure forever.

Highlights and what's included
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  • Duration: Half Day
  • Places of interest: FLORENCE
    • Treasure hunting
  • Exclusivity: All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests
  • Languages: All languages available on request

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