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Visit the “Pitti Palace” with all your family.

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The Pitti Palace for Kids tour is the perfect way for adults and children to enjoy the beautiful Pitti Palace.

Pitti Palace for Kids is an experience for the whole family that will allow you to visit the “Boboli Garden” and “Palazzo Pitti”, the “Pitti Palace”, home of some of the most beautiful art galleries and collections in Florence. The Pitti Palace for Kids tour is designed to allow children to learn about art and history without boring them, and it is a really enjoyable experience for adults as well!....

The “Pitti Palace” is the biggest palace in Florence, and it was the home of three noble families: the “Medici Family”, the “House of Hasburg-Lorraine”, and the “House of Savoy”. The “Medici Family” was the most important aristocratic family in all of Tuscany during the renaissance, and you can find many palaces and statues built by them or in their honor in Florence. The most important member of the “Medici Family” during the renaissance was “Lorenzo De’Medici”, also known as “Lorenzo the Magnificent”. He was very passionate about art, and supported many artists, including “Sandro Botticelli”, who painted the beautiful “Venus of Botticelli” that is exposed in the “Uffizzi Gallery”. In the Pitti Palace you will be able to see many different art galleries.

In the “Palatine Gallery” you will see many beautiful paintings collected and commissioned by the Medici family. Here you will see the work of masters of the renaissance like “Raphael”, “Titian”, and “Botticelli”. The Pitti Palace for Kids tour will also let you visit the “Modern Art Gallery”. This gallery is located in the old apartments of the Hasburg-Lorraine House. These luxurious rooms are the home of many paintings created between the 18th and 20th century. Are you ready to see the treasure of the Medici? In the “Treasury of the Grand Dukes” you will see many interesting and beautiful objects that belonged to the Medici family. Many precious art pieces, made of gold, pearl and silver, are exhibited here, one more beautiful than the next. You will also be able to visit the “Imperial and Royal Apartments”, where you will see the beautiful furnishings of the three families who lived in the Pitti Palace. You will be surrounded by marble, gold, silk, and luxury! Lastly, the “Museum of Costumes and Fashion” is a collection of clothes, jewelry, and accessories that were created from the 18th century to today. Perfect for lovers of fashion history! The guide will of course always make sure to make the exhibitions interesting for both adults and children.

The Pitti Palace for Kids also includes a visit to the wonderful “Boboli Garden”. Directly behind the Pitti Palace, the “Boboli Garden” is one of the first ever Italian-style gardens, created by the Medici family, which inspired many people both in Italy and abroad. The Italian garden is characterized by symmetry and precision. Italian gardens are full of beautiful marble statues and fountains, as they are inspired by classical ideals of beauty and the idea of bringing order where there is chaos.

The Pitti Palace for Kids tour will allow you to visit a famous Italian-style garden and enjoy modern and ancient art in the art galleries of the “Pitti Palace”. An experience designed to be enjoyable for people of all ages!

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  • Duration: Half Day
  • Places of interest: FLORENCE
    • Pitti Palace
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  • Languages: All languages available on request


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