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“Erudite”, “red” and “fat”: three qualities of an incredible city ...

To describe what Bologna is, Italians use three different adjectives. The first is “la Dotta” (“the Erudite”), because it is the site of the most ancient university in occidental world: the Alma Mater Studiorum. The second is “La Rossa” (“the Red”), because of the color of the bricks with which all the buildings and the towers were constructed. Moreover, it refers to the color of Ferrari and Ducati. Finally, “la Grassa” (“the Fat”), indicating the rich variety of its cuisine. Tortellini, lasagna, mortadella, Parma ham and ragout are just a few of all the products you can taste.

The city tour will let you admire the most famous monuments, like Maggiore Square and Asinelli’s Tower. Above which university students can’t get until their graduation. If they do before, they will never graduate!. In addition, you will see Nettuno’s Fountain, Porticoes and much more!

Meanwhile, the activities will entertain you during your journey. If you are a lover of motors, you must come with to us to visit Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini’s museums. The first is in Bologna, while the others are located in Modena and Maranello. Which are just an hour from Bologna. If you go to Lamborghini’s museum, you will get the chance to visit Modena. It’s a very nice city famous for its Duomo, an authentic example of Romanic Art. Moreover, you can try the strong tastes of its cuisine: its most known dish is Cotechino (a large pork sausage cooked slowly), which is served with beans and mashed potatoes.

Among other activities, such as cooking classes, art workshops and entire days of Wellness center (to relax a little bit). You can’t miss the participation to one of our food and wine tastings. In particular, with our Parma ham tasting. So you will visit the homonymous city where this incredible cured meat is produced. Parma has a rich story to tell every tourist with all its monuments and its traditional cuisine (actually, it’s here that the Parmesan cheese is made): you can visit the Duomo and its baptistery, two preserved examples of Romanic Art.

In addition, you can go to the National Gallery of Parma, where there are many artworks realized by Correggio and Canaletto. They are two of the most important Italian artists between the Renaissance and the Baroque. If you love classical music, you must assist to a concert in the Teatro Regio or you can go to the Festival Verdi in the first two weeks of October, with which it is celebrated the career of the Italian compositor Giuseppe Verdi (born in a little town 4 kilometers away from the city).

Finally, if you are in love with mosaic art, there is the city of Ravenna only an hour by train from Bologna: the city was the capital of the ancient Byzantine Empire and it is there that its artistic and historic heritage was left. In particular, you can visit the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe and the Basilica of San Vitale. The two most important examples of paleo Christian art in Italy. 

Our tours all have the defining quality of being alternative Bologna tours, where you’ll be able to see and experience locations and spots that tourist normally don’t have the opportunity to visit

So don’t miss this incredible opportunity and come with us!

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