Bologna Tour

Bologna is a lovely destination for a walk in history, art but most of all.. food!

Highlights and what’s included


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2 Hours
Places of interest



  • Maggiore Square
  • Nettuno’s Fountain
  • St. Petronio Basilica
  • Asinelli’s Tower – Porticoes

All our tours are private, not in sharing with other guests. The tour includes private english speaking guide at your disposal half day. You can combine this tour with a cooking class to complete your Bologna experience!


English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

  • Historical interest 100% 100%
  • Fun 100% 100%
  • Activity Level 90% 90%

Bologna actually is famous all around the world for tortellini, lasagna and bolognese sauce, but has much more to offer!


Taking this guided tour, you will be enchanted by its magnificent palaces and their splendor that characterized the old town center. And you will be surprised to know that BOLOGNA is also known as “the small Venice”with its secret canals!

The tour starts from Maggiore Square, heart of the city, and it includes the famous Nettuno’s Fountain, municipal hall, Accursio’s Palace and we discover also the history of the majestic St. Petronio Basilica. Walking under the colonnade that characterize the entire urban center, we reach Archigginasio’s Palace. Then we can enjoy a very greedy stop to a famous chocolate shop in order to taste an authentic Bolognese chocolate! After this tasting, we will arrive at Mezzo Market in which we’ll be enveloped in different food smells… we will be able to immerse ourselves in the ancient Bologna and see why Bologna was renamed “Bologna the fat”. You will see the underground canal from an unreal and unconventional point of view At the end of the tour, we admire the symbol of the city, “the two towers” and after the visit of the ancient Jewish Ghetto, we will glimpse an ancient medieval canal that emerges in the city center, creating a suggestive view.

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