World War Tours

Travel back in time and retrace important historical events...

This section is for all history lovers! If you want to travel back in time and retrace some of the most important historical events that occurred during the World Wars, you have to look at our incredible tours! In the beautiful Villa Torlonia in Rome (ancient private residence of the Mussolini’s family) and in Soratte (located only 35 km from Rome), you will be able to see real Bunkers: shelters, usually underground, that have strong walls to protect the people inside it from bullets or bombs. In Rome, you can also visit the sites where the Italian partisans fought to prepare the entry of the allied troops in Rome in 1944. Furthermore, Rome and Italy Group offers you the chance to visit museums and places in memory of the Anzio Landing (Operation Shingle) during the World War II and Montecassino Area, the headquarters of the first German paratrooper division. Moreover, to meet all your needs, we will provide you transfers and beautiful accommodations to make perfect your blast from the past!