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World Wars Tours: Travel back in time and retrace important historical events during our historical tours...
World Wars Tours: Historical tours of the World War. This section is for all history lovers! If you want to travel back in time and retrace some of the most important historical events, like about Mussolini life, Rome, Bunkers, concerning the World Wars, you have to look at our incredible tours!

During our captivating historical tours you will be able to see real Bunkers: shelters, usually underground, which have strong walls to protect people inside of it from bullets or bombs. They were used extensively in World Wars for weapons facilities, command and control centers, and storage facilities.

In the beautiful Villa Torlonia in Rome, the ancient private residence of the Mussolini’s family you will be able to visit Mussolini’s Bunker.

It is made up by three underground locations in Villa Torlonia, the private residence of the Duce in Rome: a cellar – shelter, an underground bunker in the Casino Nobile and an air-raid shelter. The cellar was the first room turned into a shelter in 1940 and employed in the same year.

In Soratte (located only 35 km from Rome) too, it is possible to be fascinated by history during our Soratte Bunker tour.

This place was commissioned by Benito Mussolini and it is a very impressive work of military engineering (over 4.5 km of underground tunnels dug into the bowels of Monte Soratte). This was a secret air-raid shelter for the highest office of the Royal Army and in 1967 then, a portion of this underground labyrinth was converted under the auspices of NATO, into an atomic bunker for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

In Rome, you can also visit the sites where the Italian partisans fought to prepare the entry of the allied troops in Rome in 1944. Through this experience, for instance, you will go to Via Rasella, where on March 23rd 1944 the Italian partisans killed 32 SS soldiers causing the retaliation of General Kappler, the one who ordered the execution of 320 Italian citizens in the Fosse Ardeatine and you will see many more places.

Furthermore, romeanditaly group offers you the chance to visit museums and places in memory of Anzio Landing (Operation Shingle) during the World War II and Montecassino Area, the headquarters of the first German paratrooper division.

Another very interesting tour is Montecassino historical tour. During this remarkable excursion, you will spend a day dedicated to the visit of the Montecassino Area, the headquarters of the first German paratrooper division.

It is one of the most important sites of the Gustav Line.

The Winter Line was a series of German military fortifications in Italy, constructed during World War II by the Organisation Todt. The main line of the fortification, was just the Gustav Line which ran across Italy from the north side of River Garigliano to the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, through the Appennines to the mouth of the Sangro River on the Adriatic Sea in the east.

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