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Insula of Vicus Caprarius: a neighborhood of the ancient Rome


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  • Insula of Vicus Caprarius

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Under the Trevi Fountain

The term “City of water” used to define the archaeological area of the Vicus Caprarius is due to the presence of the elements that characterizes the site: the water that springs out from the Fontana di Trevi,the monumental baroque fountain fueled by the Virgin Aqueduct that is located near the archaeological area and one the use that the site was made from…an ancient Domus(rich house)and then a container for water with the capacity of 150.00 liters

The excavations have highlighted two buildings, contiguous and contemporary. Aligned on the west side, along the Vicus Caprarius or Capralicus. The name derives probably from the presence of an aedicula Capraria, an area of worship linked to Iuno Caprotina.
The North building can be identified as a housing complex. The South building, also well preserved and on higher grounds, it is likely that was used for public uses.
The first constructive phase seems to be able to attribute to the Neronian age: this dating would make the structure one of the oldest houses known in Rome.

The archaeological area is currently accessible in all its parts, thanks to an elevated path ; a museum space has also been set up, in which the finds are exhibited.

Insula of the Ara Coeli is another important example of urban planning of the imperial Rome. Its environments were used as shops and warehouses consisting in several floors still preserved. You can find our tour in the “Underground Rome” section.

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