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The best time to travel to Italy

Which is the best time to travel to Italy?
This is always the first question you ask yourself before planning your trip to Italy!

Italy is 1300 km long, from north to south (about 808 miles) and it is a peninsula surrounded by the sea, and this is the reason why the climate in Italy is generally temperate. Only rarely you have temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius in summer, or temperatures below 10 degrees below zero in winter.

If it is your first trip to Italy, in your mind you will have the most famous area of Italy as:

The best periods to travel to these areas are without any doubt May and June and September and October: these are the four best months to find an excellent weather there! Not too hot and usually no raining. Unfortunately, these four months also coincide with the high tourist season, so all the hotels are in the most expensive rates. The alternative month if you want to save money, and you don’t want to find Italy crowded, is the end of April (not in the eastern week obviously)

South of Italy is pretty warm during summer, so if you travel around:

​August! Too hot!, forget the winter where everything is closed! From May to October is the season for visiting these areas of Italy.

Another famous area of Italy is the Cinque Terre! Also this area is seasonal, in winter everything is closed, and the only season for enjoy 5 Terre is from May to October.

Alps, Dolomite, Apennines, and in general all the Italian mountains seasons are divided in two: winter season for skiing, from half December when the winter season starts for the hotels and lift for ski in the areas, until half of March when everything dedicated to ski closes, and during the summer season, only June, July and August, for the lovers of mountains in summer, are the only three months when the weather is good in the mountains area:

and in general all the north of Italy, the best season to visit is from May to October due to the cold and raining winter

As you can see from May to October is the best period to visit almost all of Italy, but is also the high tourist season, so the prices are the higher and all the main and famous Italian areas are crowded

If You want to save money

and in your itinerary are not included beach areas as Amalfi Coast, Apulia, Sicily our suggestions is to travel around Italy in April, But not in the two weeks of easter, and from the end of October until middle of November. This period is considered low season, the areas of Italy are pretty empty and usually the weather is quite good all over in Italy, so it is the cheapest period to travel here!

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