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Sicily is the biggest island of Italy with the highest active volcano of Europe “Etna Volcano“. Sicily is known in the world for Valley of the Templescannoli, Godfather, but these are not the only qualities of the amazing Sicily. romeanditaly Group wants show you the best that Italian island of Sicily can offer you. Our tours of Sicily will guide you to the exploration of this amazing part of Italy, with its varied and wild nature,with its incredible historical past. The Arabians, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Normans, the Spanish and so on; all of them left something that leads to a harmonious cultural variety that you will discover in the art of Sicily and the famous Sicilian food.

You will visit the amazing Valley of the Temples, the most famous archaeological site of Sicily; you will discover the eight temples that constitute, together with many other ruins, this amazing place (among them, just remember the well-known Temple of Concordia). You will discover the medieval town of Erice, whose view upon the seaside town San Vito Lo Capo and its promontory will let you without breath; and if you go to San Vito Lo Capo, you are able to eat the typical Sicilian couscous. You can also have some of the most famous Sicilian pastries, like marzipan, pistachio desserts, pastries made of paste of almond and the cassata, a really sweet pastry made of sugared ricotta and candied fruit.

You can have the tour of Palermo, the main city of Sicily and the perfect mix of all the dominations in Sicily’s past. You will discover its celebrated Cathedral, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the ‘Arabian-Norman Palermo’ together with the Cathedral of Cefalù, a suggestive seaside town nearby the city, the Duomo of Monreale, which is the representation of majestic mosaic art, and many other Palermitan monuments! As well, you will go visiting other pearls of Sicily: Syracuse, where you will see its famous historic center Ortigia and the archeological site of Neapolis. You will admire Noto, the representative town of Sicilian Baroque. Then, you will go to Catania, the second city of Sicily, which offers you popular monuments like Duomo Square, where you will discover its famous fountain with the representation of an elephant,  called by the Sicilian ‘Liotru’. The Cathedral of Saint Agatha, and the Roman amphitheater, which was the second biggest one in Roman Empire after the Colosseum. Obviously, you can’t miss the visit to the suggestive Taormina, where you will have the tour of the famous Greek amphitheater and also taste an incredible granita!  

Finally, if you are a nature lover, you can’t miss the excursion on Etna Volcano: by walking, trekking or by jeep. Our guides will escort you to discover this amazing part of Sicily, made of lava flows and ancient craters. Furthermore, what about to go exploring Aeolian Islands, the group of small island in the north of Sicily? From the port of Milazzo, we will make a boat tour across the islands, with Lipari island, where you can visit the historical town center; Panarea island, which is the most popular for its nightlife, and Stromboli island, where you can have trekking on its spectacular footpath among one of the most active volcano in the world.

In addition, our activities will give you the opportunity to make unforgettable your holiday in Sicily. Above all, with the food and wine tasting tours, you will get the chance to try some of the typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine: especially, the tasty of arancina if you are in Palermo, or arancino if you are in the rest of Sicily, stuffed and fried rice balls filled with delicious ragout, and the famous cannoli, with its creamy and sweet filling of ricotta, chocolate and pistachio. Another typical Sicilian plate is Pasta ‘alla norma’, a pasta with tomato sauce, basil, fried eggplant and Ricotta salata (an authentic savory cheese of Sicily). You will discover all traditional Sicilian recipes with our cooking class and our food tour, but if you want to take your time to relax, you can also enjoy a day on a famous Sicilian beaches as Mondello near Palermo or you can go entertain yourself with varied our art workshops.

So don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit Sicily and come with romeanditaly Group to discover the ‘Trinacria’! (the historical name of Sicily).

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