Florence out of the town: ride in a hot-air balloon at dawn with breakfast and wine tasting


If you’ve always thought Chianti was a beautiful area to explore only by car or bicycle, undoubtedly, you’ve never flown over its green hills!

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So, let’s do it! And let’s do it at sunrise, when the sun light will be over the hills, and this will be one of the best experiences of your life!

The morning is the perfect time to take a ride in a hot-air balloon so that you can admire the countryside below, which slowly wakes up and turns into beautiful colors; also, the air is stable which is the ideal condition to flight.

Not only hills, vineyards and woods, but you can also admire old castles, Tuscan Renaissance villas and the ancient towns and villages.

On a clear day, if you fly high enough, you can even see the sea reflecting the morning sun in the distance!

And, naturally, you can take pictures!

Once the trip is over, we will have breakfast together with typical Tuscan products; then, we will finish our Tuscan experience with a wine tasting tour in a beautiful castle.

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