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Everyone knows the Carnival Fest celebrated in Venice, which is always very crowded even though it’s incredible. However, way less people know that in many other Italian destinations you can assist at beautiful Carnival manifestations that will amaze you for how wonderful they are!

For example, there is the celebrated Viareggio: situated in Tuscany, besides the huge float parades, spectacular races of Carnival costumes take place. It lasts from 1st ­until 25th of February.
We can also suggest you another city near Catania: it’s called Acireale and the story of its Carnival dates back to the end of 1500! Finally there is Ferrara, which is 20 minutes away from Bologna. Here the festivities are Renaissance-themed and people dresses with period costumes.

Where will you choose to go celebrating a funny Carnival? If you want to assist and you are looking for private services for planning at best your trip to Italy, contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it.

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