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Leaning Tower, Palio and Wine. Our tour takes you into a fun journey...

 Tuscany is one of the most famous cities in Italy, along Rome it is the capital of Italian culture and arts. Well known for its beautiful landscapes and historical famous figures. Florence is not only Italy’s cultural centre but also an amazing example of the finest architecture. While visiting Tuscany’s many cities you’ll stumble across history, art and breathtaking views. We will provide you incredible tours with accommodations, transfers, services and experiences that will make your journey unforgettable! We will walk you through Pisa, having a one-day walking tour along the beautiful perfectly preserved city, famous for the Leaning Tower and for Piazza dei Miracoli, situated in the “piazzetta di San Matteo in Soarta” you’ll find the “Museo Nazionale di San Matteo”: exhibiting sculptures and paintings from the 12th to 15th centuries, among them the masterworks of Giovanni and Andrea Pisano, the Master of San Martino, Simone Martini, Nino Pisano and Masaccio. We will take you on a half-day tour of Siena, well known for its beautiful Piazza del Campo, where in its shell-shaped square every year takes place the “Palio”. Piazza del Campo it’s a beautiful example of medieval architecture and its focus point is on “Palazzo Pubblico” that scenically closes the space of the square, representing its historical relevance. The square also guests the imposing Torre del Mangia (tall 120 meters) from its top you can admire the whole city. Then we will continue to Piazza San Giovanni where it can be admired the fourteenth-century Baptistery of San Giovanni. A few steps from the Baptistery opens the beautiful Piazza Duomo where you can visit the Gothic Cathedral which houses works by Michelangelo, Bernini and Donatello. Next to the cathedral there are the interesting Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana and the Santa Maria della Scala, both worth a visit. We offer an half-day visit to Montepulciano, ancient city founded by Etruscan in IV a.D., your walking tour will start from “Porta al Prato” or from “Porta delle Farine”, otherwise if you prefer, you can begin the visit at the foot of the town, with the sanctuary of the Madonna di San Biagio. This church is a masterpiece of Antonio da Sangallo. A long and beautiful street called the Corso crosses Montepulciano and this street will bring you at “Piazza Grande”. Then we reach the Duomo, the town hall and Palazzo Nobili Tarugi. Montepulciano is also full of elegant churches designed by Michelozzo who worked for Medici’s family. While in Montepulciano you can also take part in our Wine Tour, where you’ll be able to taste the famous “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano”. Our tour of Lucca takes you to see the beautifully preserved Renaissance-era city walls, in “Piazza dell’Anfiteatro” are still preserved many ancient urbanistic pieces of the Roman Empire, alongside many beautiful museums, like “Palazzo Ducale”, or theaters like “Teatro del Giglio”. We will take you on a tour inside Volterra, an ancient city beautifully preserved and symbol of the greatest artistic period of the medieval times, shown by the many ornaments and sculptures made with alabaster. You will visit the roman theater in a breathtaking panoramic side of the town, the late medieval and early Renaissance Piazza dei Priori, the majestic Medicean Fortress, raising right next to a charming and relaxing park and nowadays hosting a maximum-security prison. San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town, known as the Town of Fine Towers, it’s a jewel of medieval architecture. The “historic centre of San Gimignano” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, characterized by Romanesque and Gothic architecture, with magnificent examples of secular buildings, as well as many churches of historical significance. And last but not least, the world renowned Florence, Tuscany’s provincial capital. On our half-day accessible tour of this marvellous city we will take you to the most relevant city’s spaces, such as Piazza della Repubblica, where your private English speaking guide will tell you about the city’s Roman origins before you head toward the center, where you’ll see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – better known as the Duomo (with inside access), the Baptistery of St. John, and Giotto’s Tower. You will discover the beautiful Ponte Vecchio and walk through some of the less crowded streets of Florence. Finally, you’ll enter Piazza Signoria through the Uffizi courtyard. In this main piazza and civic center, you’ll come upon the impressive Palazzo Vecchio and see close-up the famous statues of the Loggia dei Lanzi. While in Tuscany, through us, you’ll also be able to have a relaxing day at a spa, go wine, pastry and olive oil tasting, take a cooking class or relax while harvesting grapes. Contact us and we will arrange for you an unforgettable visit! 

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