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It goes without saying that Verona is one of the most romantic Italian cities: in there, Shakespeare decided to set the most tragic of love stories, but which is also today the symbol of eternal love. In this spirit, from February 12th to 16th, the municipality organizes the incredible Verona in Love Fest.

Every year, during Valentine’s Day week, the city is full of events you and your partner can assist, such as romantic concertsmarketstreasure hunting and even a half marathon titled to Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, the city is decorated with red ornaments and lights and you can go seeing a huge heart-shaped red carpet that is put in Piazza dei Signori, main location of the festival. Finally, you can take advantage of some initiatives thought for couples, like going to a civic museum and paying only one ticket for two (this initiative is called ‘If you love someone, take them to the museum’).

What else could you ask to spend an incredible Valentine’s Day in Italy? If you want to assist and you are looking for private services in the romantic Verona, contact us at: info@romeanditaly.it.


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