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If you want to plan your vacation in Italy, NOW is possible again!


Travelling now from USA to Italy will be now easier, faster and safer!

The good news for your vacation in Italy depends on the new fast coronavirus test, introduced in Rome Fiumicino airport in according with Delta airlines and Alitalia, the two major companies flying from USA to ITALY. The direction of the intercontinental airport of Rome declared that the quarantine for the passengers arriving from USA is not mandatory anymore, thanks to the new fast coronavirus test.

All the passengers arriving from the United States with Delta and Alitalia flying from New York JFK airport to Rome Fiumicino airport will be tested directly on site with super fast results!

The formalization of the ordinance by the ministries of Health, Transport and Foreign is very near to be approved! This is the first step to come back the normality in the field of tourism and vacation. Now tourists, and business travellers, and all people involved into this issue (travel agencies, tour operators ,hotels, airport employees…) can breathe a sigh of relief and look positively to the next tourism season!

The fast coronavirus test will be executed in the first time, only to Delta and Alitalia flights from New York JFK – to Rome Fco and Rome Fco – New York JFK. The goal is to extend it to all flights from and to USA.

People into the tourism field are also optimists thanks to the coronavirus vaccine updates. The pharmaceutical industry talks to start the distribution of it around the middle of December and from the 2nd of the month in Italy will be planned how the vaccine will be distributed . Updates about this come everyday, we will keep you informed about any chance!

In any case, after many months of dark into our industry, we seem to have a light at the end of this coronavirus tunnel! We can’t wait to come back travelling and working on our 2021 touristic season in Italy! During these months we’ve worked hard to prepare new tours & activities to propose to our clients and we’re excited to know what you think about it!

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written by #stefanosghinolfi

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