Private package tour in Italy

We are offering on all our packages a very special offer.



All our package tour in the year 2021 will be offering in...

… private basis instead group tours to follow the safe disposition after Coronavirus pandemic and with a very special offer. Now family, couple and solo travelers have the opportunity to enjoy our exclusive package tours not in a group tour, but in a private way.

Don’t miss this special offer and join us on these amazing all-inclusive package covid free in Italy and let you guide along spectacular panoramas. covid free package tour covering Italy with all the main destinations from Milan, Como Lake, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast and Sicily, our extensive itinerary options ensure that your holiday in Italy will become your best memory ever!

As comfort and safe are a priority for us, guests can enjoy the highlights of Italy with peace of mind, thanks to our professional guides & tour leaders, in our special offer luxury hotel stays, transfer & transportation service, and 24/7 assistance are included. With exceptional food & wine culture, trendsetting fashion and spectacular art and architecture, Italy is a treasure chest of cultural delights!

Our group tours change their look and become private package tour covid free all around Italy!

Best of Italy

7 days

When you think about Italy, which are the first cities that pop-up to your mind? But of course the BIG THREE: Rome, Florence and Venice! The Best of Italy Package



3500 euros 

1995 euros 




Meet the Romans

7 days

Rome wasn’t built in a day… that’s why we’ve created this 7 days tour to admire all the beauties that the Italian Capitol has to offer. 



2900 euros 

2320 euros 




Food Art and Motors

8 days 

Emilia Romagna is a region that has lot to offer: great panoramas, an ancient and rich gastronomic tradition, beautiful cities, arts trasures, and one of most famous luxury car brand in the world! 



6500 euros 

3990 euros 




Discover Apulia: The heel of Italy

8 days 

Apulia, or Puglia in italian, is not one of Italy’s traditional tourist destinations, but it is becoming increasingly popular as travellers discover the area’s varied charms: baroque towns, white-washed trullo houses, olive groves and orchards, blue sea and beaches, plenty of sunshine and excellent cuisine. 



3200 euros 

2880 euros 




Organic tour Tuscany

8 days 

Tuscany is a land rich of ancient traditions, made of simple, but pure things. While in cities like Florence, Pisa or Siena, history and art are the real queens and developed their empires with museums, cathedrals, elegant palaces, and richness, in the countryside of the region, dotted by small medieval villages.



4900 euros 

2900 euros 




Southern Italy Tour

11 days 

Starting from Rome, south direction straight to Sicily, in this 11 full days tour package that will show you the beauties of our coasts and islands. The perfect holiday package to join culture, history, good food, beautiful landscapes and amazing panoramas in just one itinerary! 



5900 euros 

3900 euros 




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