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The best panoramic views in Italy

To the discovery of the best five Italian panoramic views

If you are in Italy, you will be spoiled of choice on its beautiful panoramic views…there you’ll find the best 5 ones that you can’t miss!

Como Lake

Lake Como, located about 80 kilometers from “Milan” between the provinces of “Como and Lecco”, is the third-largest lake in Italy, after “Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore”, and the deepest. The lake, one of the most important in Lombardy, with its characteristic upside-down Y shape, is divided into three branches: “Como” to the southwest, “Lecco” to the southeast and “Colico” to the north. Its shores offer many fascinating views: picturesque villages, splendid villas and lush gardens await visitors seeking relax and culture in contact with nature. In “Como”, the town from which the lake takes its name, the “Silk Didactic Museum” is well worth to visit: here you can discover evidence of Como’s textile production tradition. A succession of splendid villas line, the shores of the lake, a holiday destination for the Lombard nobility since the 16th century. Como is also considered to be the birthplace of Italian artistic and architectural rationalism, with numerous examples of modern European architecture such as the Novocomum, the Giuliani Frigerio House, the War Memorial and the former Casa del Fascio, all by the Italian architect Giuseppe Terragni.

Cinque Terre” is a unique work where the generosity and perfection of nature blends harmoniously with the intervention of man. The charm of the five seaside villages “Manarola”, “Riomaggiore”, “Corniglia”, “Vernazza” and “Monterosso al Mare” leaves its mark even on the least attentive visitor.

Those who visit the “Cinque Terre” will be enchanted by the beauty of an absolutely uncontaminated sea, but also by the land, where wild nature, interspersed with rows of vines, expanses of olive trees and citrus groves and this is a proof how the man has been able to bind his life and traditions to this stretch of coastline.



The “Amalfi Coast” is a natural paradise, there are no other words to describe this enchanted place, and it is not a coincidence that it is one of the 50 Italian sites that “UNESCO” declared ‘World Heritage’ in 1997. The conformation of the Coast makes it similar to a balcony suspended halfway between the cobalt blue waters of the “Tyrrhenian Sea” and the blue sky that many painters have tried to reproduce over the years. The great beauty of the colors of this landscape cannot be captured on canvas and not even the lens of the world’s greatest photographers can capture all the facets, which is why on the list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime, the “Amalfi Coast” ranks high.

The “Amalfi Coast”, also known as the “Divine”, is a living land, even if the emotions experienced make visitors doubt that it is a real place. Usually, when you have the impression of being in a dream, you pinch your arm: the sensation of pain is proof that it is all real, but in this case it is the scents and flavors that make everything unforgettable.


Sky and earth, meadows and vineyards, parish churches and villages that emerge like islands in all their splendor, this is the “Tuscan countryside”. There are many ancient roads to be travelled in landscapes that still tell the story of the territory. Only “Tuscany” manages to enclose a historical, artistic and environmental heritage of great interest.

“Chianti”, the history of these lands, can still be savored slowly in a landscape that seems to have been designed by the hand of an artist.  “Val d’Orcia”, in the heart of the “Terra di Siena” there is a perfect, essential landscape. It is made up of hills, gullies, the sinuous course of the river, the cypress trees that crown the isolated hills or take the courses of the roads. An authentic treasure chest of nature, landscapes and historic centers such as “Pienza and Montalcino”.

“Venice” is a treasure trove of world art. The “Grand Canal”, adorned with numerous bridges, the most spectacular of which is the “Rialto Bridge”, is an uninterrupted succession of aristocratic palaces and stupendous churches. Then there is the heart of “Venice”, “Piazza San Marco”, one of the most beautiful places in the world, with its stupendous Basilica, the “Doge’s Palace”, the Doge’s residence, the “Bell Tower”, from the top of which you can enjoy a panoramic view over the city of water, the Clock Tower. And then all the works of art kept in the churches or in the many museums scattered throughout the districts of Venice, such as the “Gallerie dell’Accademia”, the largest collection of Venetian paintings from the 14th to the 18th century. “Venice” is also synonymous of “Carnival”, an evocative event that enlivens the city with masks created by the imagination of those who wear them.

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