If you want to try the experience of flying then all you have to do is to go to Cinecittà World, the amusement park for cinema and TV located in the southeast of Rome. There you can try “Fly X”, a latest-generation flight cabin, a free-fall simulator (Indoor skydiving) capable of proving the thrill of flight to anyone, from 4-year-olds, to sportsmen who can train in maximum safety. It is composed of a transparent cylinder 9 meters high, in which the participants fly free in space, pushed by a vertical air flow at 280km/h, feeling the same sensation of an outdoor parachuting throw from 4,500 meters of altitude! The experience lasts about an hour, with a theoretical lesson, dressing and 2 flights assisted by professional expert parachutist coaches. We offer a tour of Rome including the visit to Cinecittà World park, contact us at info@romeanditaly.it if you want to book and you are looking for private services in the wonderful Rome!

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