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Rome, to light imperial paving of Pantheon square

Rome never ceases to amaze us, not even in this particular period that we are living … In fact, these days, the Pantheon continues to reveal ancient wonders remained hidden! In recent days, a chasm has opened that has given the city an important archaeological discovery: an ancient paving of the imperial age dating back to the second century AD.

It is specifically seven slabs of travertine, which are located at an altitude of about 2.30 – 2.70 meters below the road surface with dimensions of about 80 x 90 centimeters and a thickness of 30 centimeters. A truly incredible discovery that immediately generated great enthusiasm! These slabs had already been found in the 1990s during the construction of an underground service tunnel and the excavation was detected and documented.

“More than twenty years after their first discovery – explains the special superintendent of Rome – the slabs of the ancient paving of the square in front of the Pantheon, protected by a layer of fine pozzolana, re-emerge intact. An unequivocal demonstration of how important archaeological protection is, not only as an opportunity for knowledge, but fundamental for the conservation of the testimonies of our history, a priceless heritage particularly in a city like Rome”.

During imperial times the square was much larger than it is today and opened in front of the Pantheon, the temple dedicated to all the gods built by Agrippa between 27 and 25 BC. The area was entirely renovated in the 2nd century A.D. by Emperor Hadrian and the square was also raised and paved again. In fact, the seven slabs of travertine are part of the renovation carried out in the second century A.D. by Emperor Hadrian and covered the space in front of the temple built by Agrippa. The elevations on which the slabs are located, now brought to light, appear pertinent to the Hadrian’s phase of the complex.

This excavation therefore represents an important trace of Rome’s past, all to be discovered. You can see with your own eyes the beauties that Rome has to offer and the discoveries, like this one, that surprise us more and more! Stroll through the streets of the Eternal City, perhaps with an expert guide who will be able to reveal you the secrets and wonders that only this city can give you.


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