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An intact Regio V Thermopoly was found in Pompeii

Extraordinary discovery in Pompeii publicized on December 26, 2020: they found an intact Thermopoly. The Regio V Thermopoly is a tavern used at the time as a modern “street food”. In fact, it was the custom of the Pompeians to consume hot food and drinks outdoors, in particular by poor people who didn’t have chicken in house.

Archaeologists are looking for new clues to understand if this new discovery of Thermopoly could broaden the knowledge on the habits of the Roman era.

Plates of all kinds and sizes and details painted with the image of a sea nymph on horseback and animals with colors so bright as to seem three-dimensional were found inside the Thermopoly Regio V almost completely intact.

Discover the extraordinary images to this video published on Italian newspaper “Il Messaggero” ( click to this link to watch the video https://www.ilmessaggero.it/video/cronaca/pompei_la_scoperta_della_tavola_calda_con_i_cibi_ancora_in_pentola-5665650.html )

“In addition to being a further testimony of daily life in Pompeii, the possibilities of analysis of this term are exceptional, because for the first time an entire environment has been excavated with cutting-edge methodologies and technologies that are returning unpublished data”, said Massimo Osanna, interim general manager of the Pompeii Archaeological Park. “Pompeii is indicated in the world as an example of protection and management of archeological site , returning to be one of the most visited places in Italy where research is carried out, excavation continues and extraordinary discoveries like this one are made”, declared the minister for Heritage and for cultural activities and tourism, Dario Franceschini

Already in November 2020, the archaeologists had made another incredible discovery: that of the intact bodies of two men (as you can read in our previous news on the Blog section https://www.romeanditaly.com/pompeii-incredible-discovery/

The excavations in Pompeii have not stopped even in this difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic and the discoveries such as the Thermopoly and the two bodies are incredible.

Meanwhile, the excavations continue at full capacity and, once completed, the Pompeii Archaeological Park will be open to the public. We can’t wait to be able to return to travel after the pandemic and to enjoy the beauty and new discoveries of our country again!

written by #giorgiarocchetti

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