If you’re in Italy during the end of October and you don’t want to miss your Halloween traditions don’t worry, we have the solution! With our Horror Tour you can come and visit the spooky and frightening Cappuccini Crypta, below the church of ‘Santa Maria della Concezione’ in Rome, entirely decorated with human bones and skulls. Neatly composed to create complex motifs, they are the mortal remains of over 4,000 friars who lived in the convent and died between 1500 and 1800. Visitors are obliged to face death and the hope of eternal life through a language as raw as it is artistic. Another place to visit is the Museum of ‘medieval medicine’ or Santa Maria dell’Orazione a Morte. The tour is not suitable for families with children or people who do not like the horror genre, especially the visit of the Museum of Medicine, which is characterized by images not suitable for an impressionable audience! If you want to live this experience or you’re looking for an alternative activity with private services in Rome, contact us at info@romeanditaly.com.


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