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A dive into the nature with the exhibition Back to Nature in Villa Borghese


In the heart of Rome, in the famous large garden of the magnificent Villa Borghese, this autumn everyone can reconnect with nature, thanks to the interesting exhibition ” Back to Nature contemporary art in Villa Borghese ” curated by the art critic and historian Costantino d’Orazio.

The exhibition is completely free, and it is open to the visitors until December 13, 2020. That is a fantastic occasion to spend a little free time with your families and friends and to be completely in close contact with nature because the art show will take place in the whole area of the park en plein air in total safety. It offers the possibility to discover a dynamic side of the contemporary art and to establish a relationship with the surrounding natural space. In fact, this project has its purpose in the attempt to encourage people to see and live the world in a different way.

That is important, above all during this difficult period of coronavirus emergency and climate change, to reflect on our place in the world and our future and to try to be in harmony with nature. Through the huge trees of the park you will have the possibility to encounter a wide variety of art works of many international artists like Andreco, Mario Merz, Mimmo Paladino, Benedetto Pietromarchi, Davide Rivalta, Grazia Toderi, Edoardo Tresoldi and Nico Vascellari who with their unusual sculptures were able to recreate a different and more suggestive atmosphere thanks to the meeting between the greenery of the park, the beauty of contemporary art and the unique architecture of the area.

That’s not all: this exhibition is not limited to show you the art world but also to give you a fantastic experience with some musical performances and the intervention of street artists which will take place all around the artworks. So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss this wonderful event!

written by #giorgiarocchetti

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