The volcano Etna is worldwide renowned as the greatest active volcano of the Eurasian zone. Around the Volcano there are wonderful landscapes, full of rich vegetation, animals, wild sounds and perfumes. The Etna Park is important to preserve and enhance the unique kind of flora and fauna that surround the volcano.  In 2013 Etna was declared a UNESCO heritage site. For long time the paths in the park were inaccessible but recently they have turned accessible for everybody.

The park is a fascinating destination for those who love nature, animals, outside sports, food, culture and tradition, furthermore there are plenty of forests, breath-taking views, typical products and little villages. The park is divided into two main sites, in the first one the nature is preserved as it is, with no or very few human-actions, while in the second one people have developed a sustainable agriculture that respects the environment.

The paths are usually built on recent or historic lava flows and forest areas. The many paths allow visitators to dive into the forests and to feel the atmosphere of the unspoiled nature. This is a very enriching experience for everybody. In order to allow people with different needs to enjoy the breath-taking experience, a special path, named “Path of Germplasm” and accessible for everybody, has been built.  In 2013 the ANFASS (an association for disability) has promoted the initiative “Paths for all” focusing on the importance and respect of diversity, both in nature and humanity. Many disabled people have crossed the path and said to be extraordinary happy about the event. Now the park offers specialised tours that answer to all different people’s needs. In the areas people can also spend some time relaxing in the nature, playing different outside activities or learning about the biodiversity thanks to the various learning experiences offered by the park.

After the tours people can also taste the characteristic products of the area, like the DOC Etna white or red wine, the DOC Etna extra virgin olive oil and the typical Etna “tabacchiera” peach.

The Etna is located near Catania, in the East of Sicily, and it is easily reachable by car or train. For more information about locations, please check the dedicated website.

Our staff can also provide all the equipment that you need, such as different kind of wheelchairs, electric, manual and shower chair with small or big wheels. We provide private vehicles for daily excursions and tours throughout Italy. For more information about all the services that we offer please check the dedicated website and contact us at

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