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You can’t miss to go to the Trevi Fountain when you visit Rome, an authentic jewel that is always full of tourists flipping a coin inside it to wish the return to the Eternal City. Now, you can discover this amazing monument from another point of view: from the top of it!

In fact, thanks to a new project suggested by the director of the National Institute of Graphic Design (which is part of Poli Palace, attached to the Fountain), there will be the opening of a museum tour inside the palace that will take you to its Belvedere, an amazing viewpoint above the Fountain, from which you can observe all the details that enrich its decorations and statues.  This will be an innovative way to know the story of Poli Palace, which is punctuated with many anecdotes of its artistic lodgers.

Come visiting this celebrated monument with a fresh look. If you are planning a trip to the splendid Rome and you are looking for private tourist services in the Italian capital city, contact us right now at: info@romeanditaly.it.


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