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The name given by Pope Francis to this new section of the Vatican City is “Anima Mundi” and it owes its title to the origin of the things it exposes that comes from all over the world and that were donated to the different Popes during all these years. From October 2019 it is the new staging of the ethnological Vatican museum. It boasts a collection of more than 80 thousand objects that represent the cultural, artistic and spiritual traditions of all of the populations in the world.

These are the words of the Pope about this new project: “I appreciate that this set-up was made, and for which I thank all those who worked on it – curators, architects, engineers and workers, everyone! – it’s in the name of transparency. Transparency is an important value, especially in an ecclesial institution. We always need it!

It is very important, especially nowadays, to spread the message of acceptance and tolerance. Pope Francis just wanted to do that: to share the love and support towards every type of culture and tradition. Indeed you will have the chance to admire any form of foreign art from the European one to the less known such as the Chinese, the Indian, the one from the forest natives in Amazonia, the Congolese, the Alaskan, the Australian or the one from the Pacific Islands!

Over time, thousands of works from all over the world will be displayed in the showcases of the “Anima Mundi” and this type of display is intended to put them almost in dialogue with each other.

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Written by #stefanosghinolfi

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