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WI-FI in Italy

How WI-FI works and SIM for cellphone in Italy for foreigners tourists.

While you are on vacation in a magnificent country like Italy, you can’t forget about your loved ones and your friends that are at home and to whom, perhaps, you would like to communicate how wonderful and magical the places that you are visiting are, and how much you would like them to be with you, or you need to be connected with your business at home!

Today’s technology allows us to communicate easily and at almost zero costs, through web channels and connecting with free Wi-Fi networks at any time.

Italy has not been caught unprepared from this point of view and all Italian cities has provided its own free Wi-Fi network which can be accessed easily to connect to the major providers, the connecting to the various national networks, FREE ITALIA Wi-Fi and PIAZZA ITALIA Wi-Fi, which create an almost total coverage of the national territory.

WI-FI in Italy
WI-FI in Italy

Regarding telephony, the major Italian operators offer a wide range of services: SIM cards valid for up to 30 days, inclusive of a lot of minutes and GB is possible to buy Italian SIM CARDS at any Italian international airport or in dedicated shops in all Italian cities, to replace your card on your cellphone or hire a cellphone with Italian SIM card if you do not have your cellphone with you

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