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We offer private villas for your holidays in Italy

Summer 2020 will certainly be different from the other ones. But different doesn’t necessarily mean “worse”! A famous proverb says “making of necessity, virtue”, and that is exactly what is happening. Numerous alternatives to traditional summer holidays are taking place, more or less innovative, to allow people not to give up their holidays. A valid solution is, without doubt, represented by the holiday in a villa, equipped with a swimming pool and / or large garden.

There are many tourists who are looking forward to this type of holiday. In a situation like the present one, there are many benefits of a holiday in a villa: first of all, the high standard of safety. The considerable size of the property guarantees large spaces that are of fundamental importance in this period.

Another important pro of a holiday in a villa is undoubtedly privacy. There are no common areas to share with strangers, as happens with hotel lobbies, dining rooms or elevators. The villa allows you to enjoy your intimacy with your family or group of friends. Therefore, the villa is particularly suitable for families, with or without children.

From an economic point of view, it is necessary to dispel a taboo shared by many… The price of a holiday in a villa is not at all prohibitive!!! You can amortize the total cost, dividing it for each single person who will stay in the structure. Therefore, as well as for families, the holiday in a villa is great for groups of friends. If you make a quick calculation, a holiday in a villa would not cost more than a traditional holiday in a hotel.

Villas are located in beautiful places, both maritime, mountainous and bucolic. Some of these places are part of the property of the villa itself.

The omnipresence of swimming pools guarantees pleasant and relaxing swimming at any time of the day, which is not allowed in the bathing establishments, which at night are presided over by staff on watch.

Where present, another advantage that should be added to the list is the presence of a special staff that will take care of every need of the customer in a completely personalized way.

Our agency can offer this and much more!!! Thanks to our experience, our professionalism and our rental services, we offer a wide choice of villas for the most diverse needs!! The best Italian locations, impeccable services, assistance and advice at 360 degrees!!

No one will be disappointed with Rome & Italy.

Written by #cleocirelli

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