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A special virtual tour in Uffizi Gallery: an unmissable opportunity 


Going outside or travelling to visit a museum is not possible during this coronavirus period. But what if the museum comes to your house? Thanks to a special initiative of virtual tour in Uffizi Gallery in Florence, one of the most famous art Gallery in all world, you can live a fantastic journey in the great Florence temple of Italian art comfortably seated on your sofa. It’s the new social project “Uffizi On Air” that is going to start today, Tuesday 6 November, at 01.00 pm in the official Facebook page of the Gallery and it will continue every week at the same time in the days of Tuesday and Friday. This initiative is particularly special and unusual because the museum will provide you with real guided tours in which you will be constantly accompanied by an always different art expert who will show you all the details, the history and the secrets of the greatest masterpieces of Italian art. This expert will be in live streaming to satisfy all your curiosities: you have only to write a comment in the live Facebook video comments section to communicate with the guide who will be always ready to answers your questions. The virtual visitor will be able to live a complete tour in the Uffizi Gallery and to really discover Italian art. Il will be enough to have a smartphone, a computer or a tablet to participate to the live streaming. This fantastic project will allow you to attain art without any limits. You will able to travel in your house through the most important art works of some of the most famous italian artists, like Raffaello, Botticelli, Tiziano and Caravaggio and to admire the most beautiful rooms of the Gallery.

In this period in which we are forced to stay at home, this tour represents a great initiative to overcome the anti-covid19 restrictions e to reconnect with the artistic world. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and let this virtual experience light the spark of your curiosity…Very soon we’ll be able to go in person!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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