The twenties in Italy were complex years, the transition between the Great War, with the end of optimism and certainties that had characterized the Belle Époque, and the world crisis of the following decade. The general climate of uncertainty, determined by the effects of the conflict, the difficult economic transition and the significant social and cultural transformations, is fully reflected in the artistic research of those years. The exhibition, at the Doge’s Palace from October 5 2019 to March 1 2020, intends to offer an original look at the decade, highlighting the darker aspects, restless and irrational sides. The works of Severini, Casorati, Oppi and Arturo Martini consists in a modernity in which past and present converge, but which also becomes the expression of a disoriented detachment from reality everyday, as in the works of Carrà, Guidi, Donghi and Ferrazzi, or of nostalgia for a mythical and ideal past, as in the case of Funi and Sironi. Contact us for more information about the dates and tickets at!



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