Civita di Bagnoregio is a tiny town located in the northern Lazio region, near Bolsena Lake. Nicknamed “The dying city”, the history of this place is very peculiar: it was built by the Etruscans in a territory known to have a clay underground: for this reason, several constructions were made to protect Civita from eartquakes and erosions. After them and the Romans, these works were neglected, dooming the city to fall down, leaving only what is left now. Civita di Bagnoregio is registered in the “Italy’s most beautiful towns” list, and the only way to go up there is a bridge in reinforced concrete built in 1965. Despited its little dimensions, there are still places of historical interest such as the medieval St. Donato church, the Episcopal Palace, St. Mary’s Door and the suggestive “Bucaione” tunnel, built by the Etruscans and linking the city to the valley. This unique placed has also been the scenery of multiple cinema productions, and behind the constant flow of tourists, the current population of Civita is only 11: truly a gem of the valley.

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