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Sushi ice-cream: a mix of artistic creativity and good cooking


Ice-cream, sushi, love and a note of creativity: the result is sushi ice-cream! An alchemy rich of fantasy and very tasty!

From New York to Italy a sweet new delight: an ice-cream designed to resemble Japanese sushi.

The ice-cream becomes a real form of art thanks to this new production that is actually totally made in Italy. If you think that this initiative is a Japanese or American invention, you are wrong: This particular dessert is an old creation of an Italian chef, Filippo Novelli, who even won an Oscar of the pastry, but it became popular thanks to an Italian ice-cream man Luca Grasso, who lives and works in New York. Its incredible success has made sure its arrival in Italy. We can taste it in the historical ice-cream parlor situated in Como, “Gelateria Tre Santi,” who is ready every day to offer you a spectacular plate of wide variety of Uramaki: in mango, coconut, chocolate, honey or pistachio flavor with a sprinkle of grains of hazelnuts. Delicious!

There is something here for every taste! The ice-cream has an ancient story that in Italy date back to the middle-age in the Islamic Sicily passing through the courts of the modern Europe straight to the 50’s, when the ice-cream became a real pop symbol. This fantastic initiative of sushi-ice cream is only the last (for the moment), delicious and creative page of the history of this super popular ice-cold dessert! All you need are just sweetness and creativity, the perfect two ingredients to realize a real artistic work and a pleasure for the eyes, for the nose and above all for the taste buds.

During this period of pandemic caused by Coronavirus, it is important to keep this creativity and to bring innovation to overcome in the most serene way possible the actual difficulties. We need just a spoonful of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

written by #giorgiarocchetti

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