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Even if nowadays is quite obvious, sometimes it has to be reminded: stealing sand from Sardinian beaches is a serious crime against nature and the economy. The sand of some sardinian places like Budelli, Chia and Villasimius, is renowed for its particular colours and clearly it attracts a great number of tourists. Over the years, the number of visitors has increased and so the number of eco-thieves. The stolen sand, rocks, shells etc. is not very often kept as a souvenir but it is sold at high prices instead, causing a loss for the Sardinian economy. While these phenomenons increased, also did the controls by the authorities and the fines given. Just some day ago, two french tourists were caught with 40 kgs of stolen sand and now they will face one to six years in prison, the actual standard jurisditional procedure. Better spend some more time sitting on that silky sand than inside a cell.

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