If you ever wondered about eating Pringles with a glass of fine Prosecco, be aware that the potato chips’ colossus has done the impossible: combining the taste of its trademark snack with the unique flavour of the italian wine. The bad news is that some days ago, a stock of these tubes has been seized in a supermarket chain in Veneto region by the food investigation authority, whose goal is to prevent frauds involving false italian products. The reason of the seizure is the absent DOC label on the “Prosecco powder” listed ingredient, which grants the authenticity of the italian wines. The product has been sold in a limited edition in 2018 for the UK, which the supermarket chain bought from a dutch wholesale. This way, Veneto governor Luca Zaia accused publicly Pringles of identity theft, while the brand answered they actually used Prosecco DOC, following both the DOC and the european guidelines. Anyway, the Pringles company stated it will not produce this line of flavored chips anymore: if you are curious to experiment this bizarre combination, you would better hurry up before they run out!

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