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New Caravaggio exhibition in Rome

In the Capitoline Museums in Rome, will take place the exhibition “Il tempo di Caravaggio, masterpieces of Roberto Longhi’s Collection” which will be held from June 2020 to the middle of September 2020.

The exhibition brings together the masterpieces of Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio, the restless artist and master of the use of light and shadow, who lived between 1571 and 1610. The works in the exhibition belong to the collection of the art historian Roberto Longhi, whose fiftieth anniversary since his death is celebrated. Present in the exhibition is the “Boy bitten by a lizard”, usually kept in the house of the collector, Villa Tasso, today Longhi Foundation of Florence. There are two versions of this oil on canvas: one made between 1595-1600 and kept at the National Gallery in London and the other made between 1595-1596 undoubtedly the work of Caravaggio, purchased by Roberto Longhi in 1928, which will be exhibited to the public in Rome. According to the artistic tradition, the subject represented would be nothing more than a metaphor for the pains of love and pleasure. There are many symbols depicted, first of all the lizard, which comes out of the basket of flowers and fruit and bites the young man on the finger, but we also find more hidden symbols such as jasmine, allegory of desire and the rose in the hair, symbol of love itself. Some people see in the action of the bite itself an occult meaning, that of disappointment and the dangers of life.  Inside the exhibition it will also be possible to admire more than forty paintings by other artists working in the 17th century, who were influenced by Caravaggio’s style.

Written by #stefanosghinolfi

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