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It’s a hard time for all of us due to Coronavirus situation all around the world, Easter is coming and staying at home is becoming difficult to accept at this time.

In our country there are many cultural initiatives and artists are developing their talent to make us feel less alone especially during one of the most important religious anniversary: the Holy Easter. Among many artists, our Andrea Bocelli, world famous tenor, confirmed his participation to an incredible concert that will happen within the magnificent scenery of the Milan Cathedral, a concert without an audience that will be broadcast from 7pm on Sunday 12 April, streaming worldwide on its YouTube channel. Bocelli: Music for Hope” will connect all countries in a solemn day.

These are his words addressing the event that will take place in Milan, one of the most affected centers by the Covid infection 19 “Thanks to music, which will involve in streaming millions of hands joined all over the world, we will embrace this beating heart of the wounded world, a wonderful international forge which is the pride of Italy”

Written by #giorgiarocchetti

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