Lucca Tours

A little jewel of Tuscany surrounded by charming walls...

Are you a Tuscany lover? Well, you can’t miss Lucca. This city is a province of Tuscany, in the centre of Italy.

You can’t miss its heart: Piazza dell’Anfiteatro derived from an imposing roman amphitheatre, Saint Martin’s cathedral, characterised by an asymmetrical façade (atypical for the time) and by Tintoretto’s artworks “Last Supper”.

Not to be missed: the Walls of Lucca. Both the tourists and the inhabitants of Lucca love have a walk in the beneath urban park. Why? Seeing is believing! Did you know that the composer Puccini was born in Lucca? This is the reason why in the city centre there is Puccini Museum.

Within walking distance of Lucca, you have to see the intriguing Devil’s Bridge. Lots of strange legends are told about it! Taste delicious Lucca’s typical courses as the Garfagnana spelt soup, Matuffi” (with polenta, meat sauce, mushrooms and parmesan cheese) and “Tordelli”. To complete your culinary tour, we suggest you incredible wine tasting experiences, market visits and cooking classes.

And then a moment of relax! We can provide you access to incredible wellness centres. If you want to discover something more, we give you the chance to do tours also in the surrounding area of Lucca. In Pisa you will be able to see the famous leaning Tower and piazza dei Miracoli with its beauties. The medieval Volterra will surprise you with its artistic heritage left by the Etruscans and the Romans.

You have to see Piazza dei Priori, the majestic Medicean Fortress and the Roman Theatre. We want to make your journey perfect, so we will provide you also accommodations, transfers and all the services you need!

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