We have always thought of Igloos as blocks of snow, dome-shaped, used as Eskimos shelters. But globalization has also dispelled this myth: the Igloos have also landed in Rome. At the Tor di Quinto Park, over 4000 square meters, near Ponte Milvio, the property of the Qvinto Lounge Restaurant Café – a room with a garden outside which in the summer is used as a cool garden, complete with sofas and lounge area – decided, with the advent of the winter season, to enrich the area, transforming it into an Igloo Garden: a complex of eight design Igloos, each of which can accommodate up to six people. The Igloos are transparent, furnished with cozy winter decorations – armchairs, cushions, blankets and small tables – and heated, to allow even the coldest to experience a food experience in an ice house. In addition to the Igloo Garden, patrons will still be able to continue to enjoy the services offered by the Qvinto Lounge Restaurant Café, which has, in addition to the restaurant, also a covered Roof set up for after dinner and dedicated to music and events.

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