On April 12th 2019 in Rome, the famous Scala Sancta (Holy Stairs) open to the public until June 9th 2019, the holy day of Pentecost.

According to the tradition, Jesus went up this staircase the day of His death to go to Pontius Pilate, in Jerusalem, and it was brought to Rome by Saint Helena, Constantine the Great’s mother, in 326 AD.

The staircase, located near Archbasilica of Saint John in Lateran, is composed by 28 steps made of marble and all of them, except for the last one, have a rut on their surface made by all the pilgrims who went up the stairs on their knees throughout the years. Moreover, according to the tradition, on the staircase there are 4 stains of Jesus’ blood, three of them are covered by crosses while the fourth is covered by a grate since there is a hole.

The steps are usually covered by wood, however, this year, the covering will be removed until the day of Pentecost and visitors will be able to climb the original staircase on their knees. The wooden framework was put by Pope Innocent XIII in 1723, so this is the first time people can see the original staircase after more than 3 centuries.

To visit the Holy Stairs, you must make a reservation via mail to info@romeanditaly.it

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