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Do you know how many languages are spoken in Italy??


Italy is a small country, but has a lot to offer! Not just in terms of art heritage, culture, history, cities, food and traditions…. But also about languages!

Actually in Italy there are 15 officially recognized minority languages, including native languages such as Sardinian and Friulian and the languages of neighboring countries (Catalan, Occitan, French, Slovenian, Croatian, Albanian and Greek).

The official language is Italian, spoken all over the country, but form north to south you can find a huge variety of accents, including way to say, words, pronunciation…

And it’s very funny and curious to see how people from the northern side of Italy are not able to understand the once coming from the south of Italy (and vice verse) when both speak their own native languages!!

Italy is the perfect place for a holiday, as it has a lot of amazing things to offer! When this pandemia situation will be over, you can’t wait to welcome tourists back in our country. Stay positive… we will be out of this soon!

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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