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holidays after covid19: cruise lines guidance for prevention and control of cruise ship operations


Cruise line in Italy. Now the major cruise lines have planned new rules for the passengers’ safety. A new protocol that follow guests from embarkation through their entire holiday to ensure the maximum safety in every step.

The following steps will be mandatory:

  1. Covid19 testing, screening and reduction of exposure to the risk: this is the starting point. Prior to embark there will be temperature checks and additional checks will be done throughout the entire trip. Mask wearing will be compulsory on board, along with social distancing of 1, 5 mt. (6 ft.). Mask use is also mandatory during excursions, but only if social distancing cannot be maintained or guaranteed.
  2. Constant sanitation of the common areas and increasing fresh air into the ventilation systems. This particular attention for the air conditioning system happens since they have been pointed as an issue in the Coronavirus spreading.
  3. Response, contingency, planning and execution: if there is a positive case, it will be disembarked safely as soon as possible. Cruise lines stated that some cabins will be modified to create additional isolation rooms, which could be used in the unfortunate event of a positive case, while waiting for the disembark.
  4. Destination and excursion planning: shore excursions will follow a strict protocol as well. Anyone who will not follow the rules will be denied permission to come back on board.

Companies have worked hard to ensure the maximum safety of their guests, and to make cruises again in full safety after the Covid19 emergency. If these measures will be respected it will be possible to get back to a normal life as soon as possible.

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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