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Lately everyone is talking about CoronaVirus and how it is affecting people’s lives in China. It’s a difficult situation and we know that with all this warning, together with real facts, fake news started to spread out and to make people feel uncomfortable with travelling around the world. Did you know that the death rate of this outbreak reaches only the 2%? We aren’t saying that this low pecentage make the CoronaVirus disappear but that everything it’s not always as catastrophic as media show us.
Italy is a wonderful place to take a break from all this confusion around the world and you are perfectly safe here because the Virus didn’t propagate in the country and the hill Chinese tourists are being under observation in Rome right now where doctors are making their best to mantain their conditions stable and to find a cure. The situation is perfectly under control so why panic? Come to see this beautiful nation!
What do you think about it? Are you scared? Or do you think the most important thing is to be careful and that’s all? Let us know what are your thoughts!

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Written by #stefanosghinolfi

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