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The only masks we want to dress! #nocoronavirus #viareggiocarnival

Why deprive yourself from the wonders of Italy? Why allow oneself to be overwhelmed by the psychosis and alarmism about coronavirus?

Italy is a safe place that follows strict prevention and quarantine protocols to prevent the spread of any virus. The number of confirmed coronavirus infected is very low, there are only 219 cases of contagion… 219 in a population of 61 million of people!
There were only five victims of coronavirus infection, and they had previous health problems.
Furthermore, the normal Flu viruses, in Italy, are responsible for a much higher number of deaths than the coronavirus. In fact the person who died because of the normal flu are between 300 to 400 per year (data from the Ministry of Health)… and you didn’t have info about it…because the “normal Flu is not a NEWS for Television or Newspaper. As explained by Fabrizio Pregliasco, researcher and virologist at the University of Milan, there are also cases of healing such as that of the Italian doctor, who had gone to China to assist the first infected in Wuhan, and also the couple of Chinese tourists staying in a hotel in Rome. Even the president of the Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, said: “In Italy we have intervened with challenging measures, there is security and you can come quietly. There is also optimism on the foreign front, as the railway blockade ordered by the Austrian government, which prevented trains from northern Italy from entering Austrian territory, has been lifted. Therefore, it is not right to frighten and prevent tourists from visiting Italy and creating this climate of terror and anxiety….. Italy is a magnificent place and above all… SAFE!!”


Written by #stefanosghinolfi

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