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Art Quadriennal “Fuori” in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni


Covid-19 doesn’t stop art and masks and social distance are not an obstacle for the art-lovers from all around the world! The marvelous Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the famous site of the contemporary art Gallery in Rome, also houses this unusual year the international Art Quadriennal “Fuori”!

That is a way for reconnecting to the contemporary art with an exhibition ready to welcome everyone in total safety from October 30, 2020 to January 17, 2021. Thanks to the contribute of the symbol of Italian fashion in whole world, the great fashion company Gucci, the access to the art exhibition is completely free for everyone! So, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! Run immediately to mark this great event on your calendar! This art show will allow you to admire a wide selection of works of the best artists of the Italian contemporary art. We talk about almost fifty exhibitors who cannot wait to show you their fantastic artistic works. The project “Fuori” will offer you the possibility to see the world and ourselves in a different way. In fact, “Fuori” that means in English “out” want to give rise to a pun with the purpose to suggest us to think differently, “out” of the ordinary. The exposition is addressed to all generations, from children to senior people to give everyone the possibility to come back to live the great art and to distract one moment from this difficult period of pandemia. So, hurry up and run to make your exclusive reservation for one of the most interesting and unique exhibition of the year! It will also be a possibility to visit all the cultural and historical attractions of Rome, to taste the most traditional roman dishes and to live the eternal city in a different but always attractive way. The Caput Mundi city is always there to welcome you and to give you an authentic memorable experience.

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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